Top 10 Career Assists of Steve Nash

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Check out the Top 10 Assists from Steve Nashs NBA Career.

  • ABC


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    He was a magician !

  • Дмитрий Позитивный

    Дмитрий Позитивный

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  • Adam Gilson

    Adam Gilson

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  • Jönathan 69

    Jönathan 69

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    The greatest Phoenix of all time

  • Victor Posmitny

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  • Anthony Estrada

    Anthony Estrada

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    My dog doesn't want to play catch the ball with him.

  • Eric Mathis

    Eric Mathis

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    Imagine Steve playing at his peak in today's NBA, where shooting three's is half of the offensive plays for all teams. You're basically looking at what Steve would do just by watching Steph Curry. Their games emulate each other because Nash was Steph's favorite player growing up. But if Nash shot as many 3's per game as the average NBA point guards do today, Nash would go down as one of the greatest 3point shooters in history.. Steph Curry, known as the greatest three point shooter of all time has an other-worldly CAREER 3pt percentage of 43%... guess what Steve Nash's CAREER 3pt percentage was...43%!!! The only difference obviously is that Steph Curry shoots many more threes per game than Steve ever did. But in today's game, Steve Nash would literally emulate what Steph Curry is doing now, if he had shot the amount of 3's Steph does... Plus just like Steph Curry, Steve Nash is a wizard handling and passing the ball, and getting his teammates involved... he's an even a better passer than Steph Curry is... Steve Nash would be considered an even greater point guard than he is already known for..

  • Texas guy

    Texas guy

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    These aren’t even nice passes. LOL he has to have better ones. They’re all just handoffs.

  • September2004


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    Nash is a great passer. But all these 10 are essentially the same. Penetrate and then do a no-look pass.
    Lebron James' passes are more versatile (I'm saying this as someone biased in favor of Nash). Fakes, behind the back after a quick pass or rebound, long distance, passes from inside the 3-point line to someone beneath the net.

  • Timothy Ahn

    Timothy Ahn

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    He makes it look so easy.. but I know in a high-tense situation like an NBA game, that shit is hard af.. even normally behind the back passes are hard to hit with 100% accuracy

  • AlisonAslondrea WenderyAva

    AlisonAslondrea WenderyAva

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  • dafuqawew


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    If nash only got a real super star big man scorer he wouldve 1 ring atleast

  • ninjedi


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  • manolis sakelaris

    manolis sakelaris

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    Great Duo! Nash and Stoudemire

  • Ronnie Chang

    Ronnie Chang

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    His play is absolutely a gorgeous masterpiece, smooth and natural, looks so mild but also so dangerous.

  • Andrej Argakijev

    Andrej Argakijev

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    milos teodosic sends his regards

  • Kombat Cyn

    Kombat Cyn

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    The nashbrown

  • Jhelynjoy Lunio

    Jhelynjoy Lunio

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    The best of all the best creative passer in nba history

  • The Luminous One

    The Luminous One

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    are steve nash and kevin nash brothers?!

  • Zeljko Karadzic

    Zeljko Karadzic

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    Not bad,but Teodosić is the passing king.

  • Space Lemur

    Space Lemur

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    A good shooter beats his defender. A good passer defeats at least two defenders.

  • Rigoberto Hernandez

    Rigoberto Hernandez

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    When it was fun watching NBA. Now it sucks

  • Brian B

    Brian B

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    Dude just "NashTy" wit it 💯

  • Tae Kang

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  • Juan Manuel Alaman Romero

    Juan Manuel Alaman Romero

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    Habiendo visto los de Ginobili no hay mucho que sorprenda en este video

  • L.Pasteur


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    Nash is an illusionist. He makes his teammates better and gets them paid in free agency. Those Run n’ Gun, 7 seconds or less Suns teams were so fun to watch.

  • Audiognome


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    Nash or Ginobili?

  • Ohh Yeah Yeah

    Ohh Yeah Yeah

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    Make one for John Stockton

  • Sergr Rang

    Sergr Rang

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    They missed his biggest assist, choking against the Spurs!

  • Yusuf Acu

    Yusuf Acu

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    Futbol pirlo>basket nash

  • Halil Emre Mumcu

    Halil Emre Mumcu

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    2000s NBA:
    "Nash to Nowitzki!"
    "Nash to Stoudamire!"

  • jeferson anderson de lima lima

    jeferson anderson de lima lima

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    1 a melhor

  • Maxi Pongiglione

    Maxi Pongiglione

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    Pasarella no lo llevaria al mundial con ese pelo

  • Tmac 01

    Tmac 01

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    That pass from Nash to Richardson is like Nash passing his wife to Richardson

  • Gaulin Didier

    Gaulin Didier

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    Geez, number 2! He got Duncan 360ing.

  • Jeffrey Nilay

    Jeffrey Nilay

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    One of my favorite nba player

  • Alex Kearney

    Alex Kearney

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    These are gym class assists

  • Raser


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    I admire Steve Nash for his basketball IQ. Just amazing

  • L G

    L G

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    what kind of coke is the announcer drinking? Soccer move? What is that game and how was it a football move anyway?

  • Mike McGrath

    Mike McGrath

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    But I thought nash was just a product of the league making it easy for him w rule changes? Evidenced by how many other points were doing what he was at that time. Yeah.

  • Arya Widiantara

    Arya Widiantara

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    i just realized.. i need to thank you to all of his teammates didn't screw all of his masterclass pass

  • john superhist

    john superhist

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    This guy could play football (soccer)

  • Diz Nutz

    Diz Nutz

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    that connection

  • I Hate Introductions

    I Hate Introductions

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    If Jackie Earle Haley played basketball instead of being an actor

  • Tomas Larsson

    Tomas Larsson

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    May Nash live forever

  • Baile Loco 2.0

    Baile Loco 2.0

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    Me esperaba algo mejor para ser dos veces mvp, me parecieron asistencias básicas

  • 大隣豊


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    If Nash came to the knicks and carmelo got traded, he and Amare would dominate again

  • laurits


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    i want some nashty - pop

  • TheDudeSmashTrash


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    The pick and roll between Nash and Stoudemire was basically guaranteed points

  • AlwaysRetr0


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    I genuinely think Jason Kidd made about 50 passes better than Steve Nash's #1 pass

  • Murilo Souza

    Murilo Souza

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    Genial .

  • A Cor

    A Cor

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    Always remember the Vancouver Grizzlies, had I think the number four pick but passed on this Canadian guy named Nash. Not sure who they picked but it was not a future MVP

  • Trug Nguyễn

    Trug Nguyễn

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    thanh niên nhọ nhất NBA =))

  • Agasthya Bijoor

    Agasthya Bijoor

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    Stephen a smith needs to watch this video

  • Vinsmoke Sanji

    Vinsmoke Sanji

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    the real akashi seijuro

  • Steve Nash In A Potato

    Steve Nash In A Potato

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    some nice passes here

  • Atsushi kai

    Atsushi kai

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    Phoenix had a chance for a much younger, bigger, talented version of nash but choose ayton instead. smh

  • Blue Navy

    Blue Navy

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    Real life Kuroko

  • John Hero Salvador

    John Hero Salvador

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    Here after knowing he will coach Brooklyn. Reminiscing the plays that remind us of MVP Nash

  • Raphy Javier

    Raphy Javier

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    who is here after they announced that he will be coaching the nets?



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    PG the way it was meant to be played

  • Francisco Sanchez

    Francisco Sanchez

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    Un verdadero mago, grande capitan Canadá

  • Kim Hall

    Kim Hall

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  • Tomas Larsson

    Tomas Larsson

    Pirms 8 Mēnešiem

    Most underrated hero of NBA. Who? Exactly. Steve Nash!

  • Jeffrey Blake

    Jeffrey Blake

    Pirms 9 Mēnešiem

    Steve was outta pocket

  • SholtzzzZ


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    Amazing passer, player and person. Member of the 50 40 90 club 4 seasons in his career. Mind you, only 2 players in history have achieved this more than once, and the other player is Larry Bird. Nash is one of the most efficient players to ever set foot on a court.

  • Francisco Orozco

    Francisco Orozco

    Pirms 9 Mēnešiem

    Second greatest PG to never win a ring behind Stockton.

  • Dacre Wordsmith

    Dacre Wordsmith

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    TODAY: July 29th, 2020 (The video was put up Jan 9th, 2013, and has 5.4 million views - 500K are mine alone).
    I love to come in and just watch this 2 min package over and over.

  • Shawn Wang

    Shawn Wang

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    Sure glad we had Steve at his finest during the Dark Ages of the Toronto Raptors.
    Captain Canada.

  • pacificnorthwester


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    Stoudamire once said you play with Nash, you can score 20 points a night without dribbling the ball.

  • JaredTheFuelCardGuy


    Pirms 10 Mēnešiem

    That was a weak Number 1. J Will did that once every game

  • Herr Doktor Professor Eldritch Jaeger

    Herr Doktor Professor Eldritch Jaeger

    Pirms 10 Mēnešiem

    Remember when the NBA was fun? I remember. I fell in love with basketball during the Seven Seconds or Less era. I hope it makes a comeback, but I don't hold much hope given the current generation of NBA players.

  • Luke Warm

    Luke Warm

    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    No. 3 was poetry in motion 🔥

  • Mr. House

    Mr. House

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    Damn those moves and assist are too much sauce bro too much sauce OUCH !!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  • Kawhi: HEYHEYHEY

    Kawhi: HEYHEYHEY

    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    " Steve Nashty passes "....

  • A normal Weeb

    A normal Weeb

    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    Boi shaq always have great passers on their team like j will steve nash and more

  • Robinhudloom


    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    My favorite player all time

  • Jackson Rees

    Jackson Rees

    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    Nobody passes like jason William's



    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    #7 🔥

  • tz.lee88


    Pirms 11 Mēnešiem

    These plays ate older than most fortnite players

  • Frank Beans

    Frank Beans

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    If he played in this era of basketball (post 2015) he'd get a ring for sure.

  • aybizzyFromtheNizzy


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    2:09 tho

  • Shiroo


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  • Roberto S

    Roberto S

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    NBA Ring.

  • Mastet Shadow

    Mastet Shadow

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    steve nash or jason williams?



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    Whoever says Lejoke is amazing assist don’t know basketball

  • Yvan Maribbay

    Yvan Maribbay

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    "Be my light, I'll be your shadow"



    Pirms Gada

    dude's a magician

  • St. Christopher

    St. Christopher

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    Nash & Stoudemire were kinda like Stockton-Malone II but I honestly would’ve loved to see him stay in Dallas with Dirk

  • Goon Hayes

    Goon Hayes

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    You don’t see players like this anymore it’s I players and $$$$$$$ So said maybe Coronavirus will change all this.

  • Worm


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    I tend to forget that Nash played soccer so he has that amazing footwork.

  • Unboxing Apapun

    Unboxing Apapun

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  • Daniel Henderson

    Daniel Henderson

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    Get the assists looked good but there was at least 6 or 7 times he could and should have scored himself! Great passing but why not just score urself!

  • Essence Seeker

    Essence Seeker

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  • Monkeys Uncle

    Monkeys Uncle

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    That suns team was deep ... Nash , bell , stoudamire , barbosa , Richardson , ..can’t believe they didn’t win a title

  • Frank Feng

    Frank Feng

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    If you play soccer, you know Steve Nash is the Xavi-like midfielder of basketball.

  • pieter puts

    pieter puts

    Pirms Gada

    A soccer move, you that in football we can't touch the ball with our hands...

  • warning76


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    Mmmmmmm.... not magic Jhonson.

  • Carson Newton

    Carson Newton

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    *Love basketball🏀🏀*
    1:20 💕💯

  • Aldemar.g K

    Aldemar.g K

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    Steve Nash the Pirlo of basketball